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I create my resin art with a durable epoxy resin. I mix the resin in small batches so that the resin dries crystal clear. The clarity will last for years to come as the resin is fade-resistant, non-yellowing and heat-resistant up to 200 degrees F when fully cured. More importantly, the brand of epoxy resin used on the serving trays and charcuterie boards is certified food-safe for extended contact with food.

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Sunset with Border

I’m a self-taught artist and beach lover residing in central Ohio. I love to design functional and decorative art with epoxy resin. When I’m not creating, you will often find me at the beach, getting inspiration for my next project. And being based in Ohio, the buckeye state’s scarlet and gray also influences my creations. Take a look around my shop and see for yourself.

About: The Resin Artist

From vibrant abstracts to realistic ocean scenes, you are sure to find something you like. Take a look around my shop and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes, when fully cured epoxy resin is safe/non-toxic. In addition, the specific brand of epoxy resin used on the charcuterie boards, serving trays and jars has been certified food safe with no leeching of substances into the food that come in contact with it.

No. Do to differences in user’s devices, the displayed color of the item may vary from its actual color.

Also, the wood products (charcuterie boards, serving trays) have natural variations/imperfections in the grain and texture. These variations serve to add beauty to the unique and authentic final handcrafted product.

Hand wash resin art pieces in mild soapy water. Do not put in dishwasher; do not soak or submerge the charcuterie boards or serving trays in water.

Wipe dust from art trays with a soft rag.

NOTE for Charcuterie Boards. The wood portion of board should be treated with mineral oil.

No. I use an epoxy resin specifically formulated to prevent yellowing.

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